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Initial Eligibility

Any student who wants to participate in Division I or II athletics as a freshman must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly NCAA Clearinghouse). Students are encouraged to register after their junior year. Students must remember to complete the Student Release Form (SRF) & Amateurism questions. Register online

Transcripts must be sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center from the high school. The transcripts should be mailed in a sealed envelope marked with the schools information (address,logo,etc.). Transcripts cannot be faxed or submitted online. You will need to contact your high school academic counselor to complete this request. A good time to do this is when your final high school grades have been posted to your transcript.

Test scores (ACTSAT) must be sent directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center from the testing agency. Test scores on an official high school transcript will no longer be accepted. NCAA Eligibility Center code: 9999

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete will give you more information about academic eligibility, amateurism eligibility, registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center, financial aid and recruiting rules.

NOTE: NCAA initial eligibility certification from the clearinghouse is separate from college admissions. Each institution makes its own admissions decisions based on established admissions criteria. Students must apply for college admission separately. A prospective student-athlete may gain admission to an institution but not meet NCAA initial-eligibility standards or may meet initial-eligibility standards but not gain admission.

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Effective August 1, 2007, institutions may NOT provide an official visit or written offer of athletically related financial aid to a high school or preparatory school prospective student-athlete until he/she registers with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. A prospective student-athlete will be considered to be registered with the clearinghouse if the individual has successfully submitted the Student Release Form (SRF) electronically on the clearinghouse website.

The NCAA has adopted new legislation that will require prospects who intend to enroll at an NCAA Division I or II institution on or after August 1, 2007 to supply ACT or SAT scores to the Eligibility Center directly from the testing agency. Test scores on an official high school transcript will no longer be usable for NCAA purposes. Prospects should have their ACT and/or SAT scores sent directly to the Eligibility Center (via code "9999") so that certification will not be delayed. This change in legislation will impact anyone who has previously registered with the Eligibility Center and intends to enroll in Fall 2007 or later. If a prospect's record has been posted with scores from an official high school transcript, these scores will be removed and it will be necessary for the prospect to comply with this new rule. For more information, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center.

The responsibilities of the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse have been expanded to include the process of reviewing the amateur status of all prospects (high school/preparatory school and junior college transfers) planning to enroll for the first time at an NCAA Division I or II institution Fall 2007 and thereafter. This expansion is scheduled to occur December 1, 2006. In order for a prospect to receive financial aid and/or participate at a Division I or II institution, the prospect must complete the amateurism registration process and be certified as an amateur by the clearinghouse. For more information on the amateurism portion of the clearinghouse please review the following information:

Effective August 1, 2007, a prospective student-athlete must complete his/her core-curriculum requirements not later than the high school graduation date of the prospective student-athlete's class [as determined by the first year of enrollment in high school (ninth grade) or the international equivalent]. Graduation from high school or secondary school shall be based on the prospect's student-athlete's prescribed educational path in his or her country.

If a prospective student-athlete graduates from high school within the core-curriculum time limitation, he/she may use ONE core course, completed in the year after graduation (summer or academic year), but not later than the end of the academic year immediately after the high school graduation date of the prospective student-athlete's class, to satisfy the core-curriculum or minimum grade-point average requirements or both. The prospective student-athlete may complete the core course at a location other than the high school from which he or she graduated and may initially enroll full time at a collegiate institution at any time after the completion of the core course. A prospective student-athlete may NOT use any core course completed after graduation if he/she receives institutional financial aid during the summer after the high school graduation date of his/her class.

The information on this website is not comprehensive and NCAA legislation can be subject to various interpretations. Further questions regarding eligibility & compliance can be directed to the UCCS Athletics Compliance Officer