Athletics Compliance Overview

Investigations & Self Reporting

The Athletics Compliance Officer will be the University's primary administrator for handling the identification of rules violations and directing investigations into allegations of possible rules violations. To support this role, the Office of Athletics Compliance has implemented a centralized set of procedures for processing rules violations and reporting findings to the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference and the NCAA. The responsibilities and procedures for self-reporting possible rules violations by staff members to the appropriate institutional authorities and the national office will be reviewed annually with all appropriate athletic department and University personnel.

It is the University's responsibility that no violation is so minor that it need not be reported. In responding to rule violations, the University will look at such factors as whether the violation is intentional, whether any advantage is gained (e.g., recruiting, competitive or for the student-athlete involved), whether a student-athlete's eligibility is affected and whether violations are recurring. The University's goals in responding will be to encourage communication, to seek consistency and accountability and, above all, to send a strong message that the University is committed to rules compliance.

Information concerning violations will be forwarded to the Athletics Compliance Officer who will examine the situation and communicate with the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, and the RMAC Assistant Commissioner. When it is determined by the Athletics Compliance Officer that a violation of the rules has occurred, the University will report the violation and correct the situation that led to the problem. Rule violations will be reported to the appropriate athletics governing body (i.e., RMAC, the NCAA, etc.)