Athletics Compliance Overview

Compliance Review

The Office of Athletics Compliance will systematically review all administrative compliance-related procedures at the University. This includes the areas of certification of initial and continuing eligibility, student-athletes' financial aid, the monitoring and documentation of the recruitment of prospective student-athletes, the monitoring of playing and practice seasons, the rules education program, and other compliance-related areas will be reviewed and assessed.
The compliance review process will work to identify deficiencies and areas of heightened risk in current and past administrative procedures while facilitating the establishment of plans for addressing identified shortcomings. The review process will also facilitate the Office of Athletics Compliances’ efforts to identify and establish and/or refine specific compliance responsibilities for all University staff members (not just athletics personnel) involved with compliance.

Summary Overview of the Athletics Compliance Program
The Athletics Compliance Office will review and enhance compliance systems to support the University's control of the athletics program. The Athletics Compliance Office will provide reliable feedback to assess the athletics department's policies, procedures and performance. This also places the university in a proactive position to oversee and monitor the intercollegiate athletics program and maintain a positive compliance environment.