National Student Exchange At UCCS


Depending on the school you choose, you can:

1.  Exchange under Plan A, paying the in-state tuition rate for your HOST school,


2.  Exchange under Plan B, paying UCCS tuition and fees (minus COF).

Why different payment plans?  The National Student Exchange is a unique, not-for-profit consortium of nearly 200 accredited, baccalaureate-granting colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Through NSE, these member institutions provide exchange opportunities for the multitude of undergraduate students for whom an overseas experience is not appropriate, comfortable or affordable. Established in 1968, NSE has provided exchange opportunities to more than 113,000 students.  The two payment options allow students to participate even if they never thought an exchange would be possible due to financial constraints, military status, or scholarship situations. 

"For me, going abroad seemed too far away; staying home seemed too close. NSE was the perfect choice!"
Lauren Flaherty
Sonoma State University
to the University of Northern Colorado

The program features a tuition reciprocity system that allows students to attend their host institution by paying either the in-state tuition/fees of their host institution (Plan A) or the normal tuition/fees of their home campus (Plan B). Work completed while on exchange at the host campus is brought back to the home institution and credited to the student's degree program. Each campus has a coordinator who interacts on behalf of incoming and outgoing students with other member campuses and with various departments on their own campus.

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PLEASE NOTE:  there are many variables which come into play regarding which payment plan you can choose. The majority of UCCS students will exchange under the Plan B option.

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