Previous Mission Statements

Previous Mission Statements

The official mission of UCCS has improved over the years. Three earlier versions are posted here.


1971 (January)

" develop and offer innovative educational programs responsive to the needs of and sensitive to the desires of...Colorado Springs, including appropriate undergraduate and graduate programs consistent with the long-range educational program of the State of Colorado and complementary to the programs of other educational institutions in each area." (Minutes, Regents of the University of Colorado, Jan 23, p5-6).


1971 (March)

"That the institution located at Cragmor [CU-Colorado Springs] be established as a first-class undergraduate institution with such selected master's degree programs as the Colorado Commission on Higher Education may approve from time to time; and established with adequate baccalaureate programs emphasizing the arts and sciences and selected fields such as business administration, public administration, and education; and that the programs should generate and serve substantial demands for selected master's level majors available to adults on a part-time as well as full-time basis." (Minutes, CCHE, March 23, p574).


"The Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado shall be a comprehensive baccalaureate liberal arts and sciences institution with selective admissions standards. The Colorado Springs campus shall provide selected professional programs and such graduate programs as will serve the needs of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area, emphasizing those professional programs not offered by other institutions of higher education." (C.R.S. 23-20-101).