Institutional Planning

Institutional Snapshot

Seven Year Growth Plan

The UCCS Seven Year Growth Plan (2006-2012) outlines a funding strategy to grow the campus to over 9,000 students by 2012. It includes strategic investments in additional faculty and staff positions, new academic programs in critical areas, and capital infrastructure to serve a growing educational community.


Seven Year Growth Plan

Chancellor's Presentation 4/27/05

Inventing the Future

The Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado faces an uncertain financial future due to conflicting constraints in the state’s Constitution. The campus leadership team has determined that a targeted and timely comprehensive planning effort is needed to ensure that the campus is positioned to not only “weather” this uncertain future, but grow and thrive to meet community, state and national needs. The goal of "Inventing the Future" is to identify revenue enhancement strategies and possible expenditure reductions to meet any state support reduction while striving to support our vision and to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff.


Vision & Brief Overview

Inventing the Future Committees & Participants, 2004

Progress Report

"Inventing the Future" Effort Underway

Strategic Investment in Long-Term Opportunities (SILO)

Campus report that includes a proposal for a revised vision statement, updated set of core values, and recommendations for actions which we believe will help move the campus toward the proposed vision.


SILO Report, Fall 2003


SILO Committee Reports:

Faculty & Staff Involvement and Rewards

Early Intervention

Making Campus Connections

Sustaining a Retention Effort

Targeting Special Populations

Vision 2010: University of Colorado System

Former University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman initiated the Vision 2010 strategic plan. Committees created specific plans in 2002, consisting of five areas: a university without walls, a culture of excellence, increasing resources and using them wisely, diversity, and an integrated infrastructure.

University Without Walls

Culture of Excellence

Increasing Resources & Using Them Wisely


Integrated Infrastructure

Vision 2010/IRMS Performance Measures and Targets

UCCS Benchmarks and Projections, 2005

UCCS Benchmarks and Projections, 2004

Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel

Governor Bill Owens issued an executive order in 2001 that created the Blue Ribbon Panel charged with examining several issues facing higher education in Colorado, focusing on, among other items, the funding of higher education and the services provided to the citizens of Colorado. From the work of the Blue Ribbon Panel, the UCCS mission changed to recognize statewide service delivery and strengthened its role in graduate education through the doctorate.


Blue Ribbon Panel: 2003 Final Report

Blue Ribbon Panel: UCCS Report

Blue Ribbon Panel: Recommendations

Total Learning Environment: University of Colorado System

Former University of Colorado President John Buechner announced the Total Learning Environment (TLE) Initiative in 1997. A committee at UCCS developed seven goals and corresponding objectives to align campus planning with the TLE Initiative.


President's 1997 Total Learning Environment Initiative

Total Learning Environment: UCCS

Total Learning Environment: Goals


1997 University Plan

The 1997 University Plan outlines four goals across eight programs and supporting activities. It details how UCCS planned to "combine the best attributes of small colleges (friendly atmosphere, small classes with excellent, dedicated teachers) and of research universities (faculty whose research and creative work keep them at the frontiers of their disciplines and educational programs that prepare students to work at those frontiers.)"


1997 University Plan

Academic Strategic Plans

The Academic Master Plan is a strategic plan regarding the future of the UCCS campus, mission, and goals. It builds upon earlier plans (the 1997 University Plan) and focuses upon the development of facilities, resources, curriculum, and other areas relating to the economic growth of the Pikes Peak Region.


2006 Academic Strategic Plan (committee)

1999 - 2004 Academic Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

Master Plan. The Campus Master Plan outlines current and future construction projects at UCCS, such as:


North Nevada Avenue. For more than 25 years, North Nevada Avenue has been home to a series of dilapidated motels, mobile home dealers, and auto repair shops blighting the entrance both to Colorado Springs and UCCS. In cooperation with the City of Colorado Springs and private developers, UCCS is striving to improve the area to compliment the university's functions. In 2005, by unanimous vote, the City Council members declared the area an "urban blight," the first step in encouraging redevelopment. UCCS continues to work closely with elected and appointed City of Colorado Springs officials to encourage development along the west side of North Nevada. A group of UCCS students assisted with the plan and CU-Denver architecture students developed conceptual ideas to assist the council in visualizing the area's future. The concept of a research and development park is under exploration.


City of Colorado Springs Traffic. In addition to North Nevada, UCCS officials have worked closely with City engineers to improve traffic flow along Austin Bluffs Parkway. Plans call for substantial improvement to the intersection of Austin Bluffs and Union Boulevard and construction of an interior access road linking the main campus to University Hall.


Bloch Cancer Survivor Park. Approved by the Regents at the June 2005 meeting, UCCS will be home to one of 18 Bloch Cancer Survivor Parks in the nation. Led by a group of university and community members, the estimated $1 million park will be located near Austin Bluffs and Stanton Roads and will attract visitors from throughout the region. UCCS will lease the land for the park for $1. The park's construction will be funded by the Bloch Foundation and local donations.


Heller Center for Arts and Humanities. A home, studio buildings and 34 acres donated by Larry and Dorothy Heller provide opportunity to create a community and campus artist retreat and to preserve a piece of Colorado Springs history. Private fundraising efforts have generated more than $650,000 to allow renovations of the original 1930s Heller home to begin.

Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity

UCCS Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity Website. During the Spring semester of 2006, UCCS participated in the President's Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity. Presentation, reports, and a list of commissioners from Colorado are listed on the website.