Due to CO-AMP's mission to double the number of underrepresented minority students receiving baccalaureate degrees in STEM, we are only able to give funding consideration to minority students in specific majors. Additionally, students need to be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. By filling out these forms and requesting funding from the CO-AMP program, you give us permission to look up your student status in our campus' student information system. For eligible minority statuses and eligible activities, please refer to the full application below.

At the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, these majors are considered to be a part of the STEM field. Eligible students to receive funding are minority students who are current majors in these fields:

Chemistry     Computer Science Biology
Computer Engineering      Electrical Engineering Health Care Science
Mechanical Engineering Environmental Studies Physics

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Full consideration for funding will be given to students/student groups who provide well-written proposals that foster collaboration and demonstrate the greatest impact in advancing minority STEM majors at UCCS. Proposed expenses must be reasonable and well-documented. Funds are limited and will be allocated carefully.

For any questions regarding CO-AMP funding, email Nancy Hoist at nhoist@uccs.edu or call at (719) 255-3543.