Student Veterans Organization

  • Do you miss the sense of purpose and pride that comes from serving your country?
  • Do you have energy and effort to serve your community but you don't have an outlet to do this?
  • Do you have trouble communicating with people that haven't served in the military?
  • Do you want to be networked with a group of supportive individuals that can provide important information about which courses and professors to take, effective tips on transitioning your military skills into marketable civilian skills, or expand your social circle?
  • Do you want to support veterans in their academic and career goals, regardless of whether you served in the military?
  • Do you want an opportunity demonstrate your leadership abilities while you are a student at UCCS, and build your resume for career opportunities while doing this?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you should join the UCCS Student Veterans' Organization (SVO). The UCCS SVO provides veterans, military members, and their families with resources, support, and advocacy needed for student success during and after enrollment at UCCS. The SVO is a chapter of the Student Veterans of America (SVA), a national coalition of campus veterans support groups focused specifically on improving conditions and support for student veterans. 

Please use the links on the left to learn more about the SVO, and click on the "Join SVO" link to become a new member. Join now to get involved and help contribute to a positive and supportive environment for veterans at UCCS and in the Colorado Springs community.

Also if you have come here looking for the Veterans Transition Workshop please click here


An Eagles head with various badges related Student Veteran Association