Mobile Vet Center

The Colorado Springs Vet Center serves veterans and their families by providing care that benefits veterans, families, and communities in and around Colorado Springs, including UCCS.  The Mobile Vet Center provides holistic approaches to helping that includes: professional readjustment counseling, community education, and many additional services.

The Mobile Vet Center no longer provides services on campus. However, a table sponsored by the Mobile Vet Center will be in the UC Center, just outside Jazmen's on the first Tuesday of every month .

Vet Center Mobile Station

The objectives of the MVC are as follows:

  • Outreach to locate eligible veterans and engage them in programs that meet their readjustment needs
  • Provide counseling and other services to eligible veterans and their families
  • Refer veterans to appropriate community agencies and service providers
  • Serve as a liaison between veterans and other VA facilities
  • Provide follow-up to ensure that eligible veterans receive adequate services
  • Offer community education to inform the public of the needs of veterans who served in combat or other situations of armed hostilities and the services of the Vet Center

Contact the OVMSA office before planning to meet with the MVC to confirm its attendence.

Mobile Vet Centers at UCCS

POC: Brian Murphy, LSW

Spring Schedule

May 1

Appointments available from 1300-1500