Initiating the Ch 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill

For first-time service member applicants:

  1. To start the application process, visit
    Ensure that you have a digital version of your DD214 to submit electronically. If you cannot submit your DD214 electronically, you may mail a copy of it to the St. Louis Regional Education Office.
    • Click on "Apply for Benefits" near the center of the screen.
    • Go to "Apply Online (VONAPP)."
    • Complete VA form 22-1990 (Application for Education Benefits).
    1. * Note: Procession you application takes about 10-12 weeks for the VA Regional Processing Office to complete claims for benefits.  The earlier you submit the paperwork, the more likely you are to receive your benefits in a timely manner.

  2. Once the VA determines your eligibility, a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility(COE) will be mailed to you. This document confirms that you are eligible to use your benefits.
    • If there is a discrepancy in eligibility percentage, payments, delays in processing, or certifications, please call the St. Louis Regional Education Office at 1-888-442-4551.
    • If you have misplaced your DD214, you may request another copy here
  3. Final Step: After completing registration for classes at UCCS, you may visit or office or e-mail a copy of your COE and a Course Load Worksheet(CLW)* to our office for processing.
    • The CLW can be found here.

      * Note: Course Load Worksheets must be completed each semester the student wishes to use his/her benefits.

CH.33 Post 9/11 GI Bill- transferring from another school:

  1. Fill out a VA Form 22-1995 - Change of Place or Training form - in our office or online.
  2. Submit the 22-1995 along with a copy of your COE and CLW for processing.

If you have a COE but your regional office is not St. Louis, MO: