Getting Started

Getting started Checklist

  1. Establish eligibility for tuition and fee payment:

    Active Duty?
    If you are still on active duty and want to use Tuition Assistance, please see your unit education officer about getting started with tuition assistance. It is usually in the best interest of the soldier to use TA first, before using VA education benefits.

    Veteran or family member using VA education benefits?
    Go to to fill out the Veteran's Online Application for VA benefits(VONAPP). Once you have done this, you can expect to wait up to eight weeks to receive your Certficate of Eligibilty(COE) by mail. The COE is very important, because the school cannot certify your enrollment and have the VA pay your benefits until we have this on file. It is
    VERY IMPORTANT that you get this done early. The VA processes benefits on a first-come first-serve basis.

  2. Apply for Admission to UCCS:

    Go the the UCCS Admissions website to make sure you meet the admission requirements. After you meet UCCS requirements for admission you can apply to UCCS. Don't forget to pay your application fee! Be aware that the VA does not cover the application fee. Don't wait. Apply early!

  3. Evaluation of Military Credit:

    Obtain your military transcripts for the UCCS Admissions Office.
    You will want to explore academic credit for military service. Each service produces a transcript listing academic equivalency for military training and experience based on guidelines established by the American Council on Education (ACE). The ACE website has links to all the services' transcript request sites. For more info search - ACE Military Transcripts.

  4. FAFSA / Financial Aid:

    Apply to Financial Aid for grants, loans and scholarship opportunities. If approved, you do not need to accept any of the loans, grants or scholarships. BUT it is important to have those approved and waiting in case you need them. There are many scholarships available, and VA wait time for benefits can be long. FastWeb is a great internet resource to help you find scholarships. Please note, if you will be receiving resident rates you must apply for the College Opportunity Fund and authorize it in your student portal. The VA will not pay for the amount that COF covers. Click here for more information.

  5. You've been accepted! Sign up for Vet/Military Orientation and Submit Paperwork:

    Once you've been accepted to UCCS you'll receive a welcome packet, including how to register for orientation. It is important to attend the earliest possible orientation that you can. The same day that you complete orientation you are eligible to register for classes. Waiting until just before the term can result in not getting the classes you want. Students should take the following steps once they have been accepted.

    1. Sign up for an Orientation - go to the Orientation page of the UCCS site to sign up.
    2. Register for classes
    3. Submit the following documents to the Vet/Military Student Affairs Office
      • Term Schedule ( we can find this if you cannot print this)
      • Certificate of Eligibility from VA
      • DD 214
      • Other Supporting Documents
      • Transfer of Benefits form (if you are transferring your VA benefits to a family member)