Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance

A housing Scenario for chapter 33 Gi-bill, which explains that even though a student has 15 credits hours for a given semester only 10 weeks will qualify them for housing benefits.

Ch. 33 GI-BILL (Post 9/11) Housing Pay Explanation

Classes are certified with the VA by their start and end dates. In this scenario, the student is taking 15 credit hours(considered full time) for the entire semester, but will not receive housing allowance payment for the entire semester. This is because of the VA rule called the "rate of pursuit" rule. In the example the student will be paid full BAH($1248 per month) pro-rated for 10 weeks, and zero BAH for the final 6 weeks of the semester. Math and English run for the entire 16 week semester, but the other courses do not. The VA will only pay students BAH while they are considered greater than half-time. This student is enrolled in only six credits for the last six weeks of the term and is considered less than half-time. A total of $1872 (6 x $312/week) will not be paid because he/she is not enrolled in all full-term courses.

Points to keep in mind when using Post 9-11 GIB:

  • Full time for undergraduates equals 12 credit hours or more; 5 or mor for graduates (6 and 2.5 in summer, respectively).
  • BAH is paid each month. Your first payment may not come for several months (VA will back pay). This is very common. Plan accordingly.
  • BAH amount is pro-rated by the day based on "rate of pursuit" (number of class hours you are sitting in each day)
  • You must be enrolled (seat hours) for more than half-time to receive any BAH payment (7 or more credits for undergrads; 4 or more for grads).
  • Students will not receive over the maximum allowable BAH, regardless of number of credit hours taken and when they are completed.
  • BAH is paid during periods when the student is enrolled.  BAH is not paid during winter or summer breaks ( spring break counts as enrollment).
  • BAH amounts are based on the DOD's Basic Allowance for Housing(BAH) rates for an "E-5 with dependents" for the zip code of the school. 
  • Online courses are rated differently for BAH.  If you only enroll in online courses, you will only receive 50% of the maximum BAH.
  • Dropping courses negatively affects BAH.  Make sure to consult with the OVMSA about the effect of dropping courses on your BAH.

For information about enrollment and BAH call the OVMSA office at (719) 255-3253