Books and Supplies

Ordering Books & Supplies

You may be entitled to purchase items at the Bookstore as part of your Chapter 31 benefits.  This worksheet covers several areas that you may be eligible to use (** Note** only Ch. 31 students are eligible for 3rd party payment of books. Do not use this worksheet if you are not a Ch. 31 Vocation Rehabilitation student)


Go to to place your order.

(You will need your class schedule to place the order online.  VA Vocational students may only order REQUIRED books.  If you are eligible for purchasing general supplies, please select those items at this time.) 

  1. Click on the  symbol at the top of the page.
  2. Click "Compare Prices & Order Textbooks"
  3. Select term
  4. Select the Department, Course, and Section
  5. Verify your classes in the Course List; select "Compare Prices on These Course Materials" 
  6. Click "Begin Price Comparison"
  7. "Add to Cart" all the textbooks you would like to order from the UCCS Bookstore.
    1. NOTE: Orders placed through other online vendors will not be reimbursed.   Third Party/Special Accounts are NOT ALLOWED TO RENT TEXTBOOKS.   
  8. Click "Checkout" when ready; click "Start UCCS Bookstore Checkout"; click "Checkout From This Retailer"
  9. Verify order and "Continue Checkout"; create your profile account if necessary, or login using your own account.
  10. Select the "Billing Address" as your own address.  Make sure to fill in your student number correctly.
  11. Select your "Shipping Address" and "Delivery Method"
  12. On the "Payment Information" page select "AUTHORIZED Special Accounts"
    1. Type in your student ID#
    2. Check the box verifying that you have a special account already established.
    3. Order Comments- Please type in any specific requests needed to fulfill this order

  13. Submit your order.  It will be verified and filled by the bookstore.  You will receive an email when your order is ready.


School supplies and software not in-stock in the Bookstore

We will not special order items that we do not normally offer to the general public unless the items are specifically requested for a disability.  Software normally available will consist of: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Adobe products, and online required access codes such as Sapling.

Printer Ink

Ink will only be ordered on three days during the Fall semester.  It is your responsibility to order ink by the September 6 deadline.  Orders will be made on the following Fridays:  August 16, August 30 and September 6. Contact the POC listed below if you would like to order ink. To order ink you have two options:

1) Web order- In the "Comments" section at checkout you can type in the specific ink you need and the colors you need or

2) Sign up at the Text Office on the clipboard.


POC  Account Administration (UCCS Bookstore)

Jon Radtke

Associate Manager


Office: the Text Office area in the back of the store