EPC 101 - The room can be used for class reception, videoconferencing between and among the five University of Colorado campuses. This room does not have a video/data projector but does have a camera and push-to-talk mics and will seat six-to-eight people comfortably. It is ideal for small telecommunicated meetings or classes which do not need video/data projector capability. Please see the chart below for a comparison of the facilities.

EPC 103 - This classroom is used primarily for CU-Net broadcast classes, Communication Department film and video production courses, and other courses or events which need to use the technology in the room. This is not a general-use classroom; priority in scheduling this room is given to CU-Net courses, the Communication Department and other telecommunicated courses originating within the five-campus system.

EPC 107 - CITTI Conference Room : This facility seats twelve to fifteen persons comfortably. As with the other EPC rooms, this space is not a general use classroom but is reserved for classes and events which require the technology available in the room. This facility is ideal for system-wide meetings and other events requiring videoconference technology. Food and beverages are not allowed in this room.

Equipment EPC 101 EPC 103 EPC 107
Monitors 2 3 2
Push-to-talk mics every other person every other person every person
Video/Data Projectors No 1 1
Seating 6-8 30 12-18
Camera 1 2 2
Podium w/computer No Yes No - Desktop control
Laptop connection Yes Yes Yes
Network access Yes Yes Yes
Internet access Yes Yes Yes
Document Camera   Yes Yes
Screen   Yes Yes
Playback equipment Yes Yes Yes

UCCS connects to the four-campus fiber system and regularly supports meetings, classes and events using the MPEG II a H.323, video over IP, is available at this time.


With the construction of the El Pomar Center, UCCS greatly expanded its production capabilities. The new studio is 3,100 square feet and has additional space for set and material storage. Space for the control room, audio and announcer booths, and the green room bring the space to 5,465 square feet, more than trippling the previously available production space.

Editing suites featuring state-of-the-art AVID non-linear equipment are available to students enrolled in Department of Communication film and video production courses.