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  • Coaching for development of organizational diversity strategies
  • Workshops specifically tailored to your needs

At the Matrix Center we work with universities, corporations, non-profits, and schools to help develop strategies and meet diversity/inclusiveness goals. Our trainers are national experts, authors and educators, involved in shaping the national discourse around diversity. In addition, our consultants specialize in a range of issues including LGBTQ inclusion, K12 education, curriculum development, facilitation skills, strategies for integrating campus and organizational diversity requirements, among others.

We can customize our services and workshops to meet your needs.

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The "BIG Idea"

This interactive workshop aims to provide awareness, skills and knowledge about
personal and institutional dynamics of social inequality. Providing hands-on strategies, the goal of the workshop is to better equip organization members to engage diverse social identities, to explore how oppression and privilege operate in our daily lives, and to create a more inclusive organizational culture. This workshop can be incorporated into any other workshop as a framework from which to discuss other leadership and/or diversity concerns.

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Building an Inclusive Environment

Creating inclusiveness correlates with recruitment and retention of a diverse workplace and is critical for any organization. This workshop expands on what is presented in the “BIG Idea” Workshop — a framework for understanding social inequalities and provides specific strategies for creating an environment in your organization where everyone feels like they belong.

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Leadership & Communication

This workshop includes interactive exercises and strategies for improving and enhancing productive interpersonal communication throughout your organization. Focusing on listening skills and communication skills, participants can then become better leaders in your organization by practicing these strategies. They can become more effective members of the community and serve as role models for others.


Managing Emotions

This interactive workshop provides a means for understanding the ways emotions can sometimes keep us from moving forward in our goals, including the inability to effectively communicate with others. Strategies will be provided for managing emotions in successful ways. This intensive, interactive workshop delves into dealing with emotions and most importantly, understanding the dynamics of resistance to move forward.


Becoming an Agent of Change

Many organization members would like to move forward in reaching their organizational and personal goals, but do not realize that their daily behavior can have a remarkable effect on their ability to do so. This workshop provides strategies and techniques for creating a more positive, inclusive environment where members feel engaged in and excited about their work.


For More Information

We welcome the opportunity to discuss diversity development strategies with your organization, institution, or workplace. Please contact Dena Samuels, Matrix Center Director, for more information on the aforementioned workshops or to discuss developing a customized experience.
Dena Samuels – or call 719-661-6544