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Tuesday’s, 12pm(Mountain Standard Time)


Upcoming Shows:

9/20/11 - Wade Colwell-Sandoval, Creative Catalyst

Your online connection to the Matrix Center and annual White Privilege Conference.

Co-hosts, Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and Daryl Miller interview activists, educators and scholars about their work, discuss practical tools and strategies for dismantling white supremacy, and current events through the lens of privilege and oppression.
Recent guests have included Shakti Butler, Rhea Almeida, Jaime Washington, Amer Ahmed, Abby Ferber, Frederick Gooding, and Paul Kivel.

Thanks to the following individuals who are in the studio each week who make the show a reality: Marqita Jones, Daryl Miller, Nancy Wells-Georgia and Beth Binion.
Previous Broadcasts
Dec. 14, 2010- Dr. Elizabeth Denevi | mp3 | m4a Jan.11, 2011- Dr. Paul Kivel | mp3 | m4a
Jan. 18, 2011-Ruth King | mp3 | m4a Jan. 25, 2011-Ariel Luckey | mp3 | m4a
Feb. 1, 2011-Tarah Fleming | mp3 | m4a Feb. 8, 2011-Hugh Vasquez | mp3 | m4a
Feb. 15, 2011-Jorge Zeballos | mp3 | m4a Feb. 22, 2011-
Mar. 1, 2011-Steve Martinot | mp3 | m4a Mar. , 2011-
Apr. 19, 2011-Bryant Smith | mp3 | m4a
We are currently attempting to locate more radio shows. We will add them as we find them.
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