University Student Registration

REGISTRATION PROCESS If the only UCCS course(s) for which you are registering during the Spring Semester 2016 is a MathOnline course, then you do NOT need to complete the standard university registration process. All registration and payment processes are done through the MathOnline office. Username and passwords will be distributed to registered students before the semester begins. Any and all questions about enrollment, tuition, etc... should be directed to the MathOnline program, NOT to the UCCS registrar.

For questions about the registration process, please contact the LAS Extended Studies Office at
Phone: (719) 255-4071


Course # Course Name Credit Hours University Student Tuition
MATH 1360 Calculus II 4  $1,472.00
MATH 2350
Calculus III
4  $1,472.00
MATH 3110 Theory of Numbers
3   $1,129.00
MATH 3130
Intro to Linear Algebra 
3   $1,129.00 
MATH 3400
Intro to Differential Equations
3  $1,129.00
MATH 3410 Introduction to Analysis 3  $1,129.00
MATH 4320 Modern Analysis II 3  $1,129.00

The MathOnline Post High School Program is designed for the calculus-ready, college student who wishes to take quality university-level mathematics courses online.

Click HERE for more information.
* Registration will be completed in the UCCS online registration system.
However, you must first complete the following steps BEFORE you will be allowed to register:

Registration Process:

(1) Get an Exam Proctor arranged

(2) Download and complete the MathOnline Student Agreement. This form requires your Exam Proctor contact information and signature.

(3) Return your completed MathOnline University Student Agreement in one of the following ways:

By Email:

Scan and email documents
as a PDF attachment to:

By Fax:
fax completed documents to
(719) 623-0309

By Mail:

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
LAS Extended Studies
ATTN: Brian Glach
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

(4)  Once your completed paperwork has been received by UCCS, you will then receive by e-mail the 
instructions to complete your MathOnline registration in the UCCS online registration system. The instructions will include tuition payment information.

*Please DO NOT send payment with your student agreement.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit their MathOnline Student Agreement no later than the week prior to the start of classes which is January 19, 2016
 (i.e. during the week of January 11, 2016). This allows us to ensure that students have all the necessary hardware and software in place for the first day of classes.
Student Agreements are now being accepted for the SPRING 2016 semester;

WITHDRAWALS & REFUNDS: Enrollment in MathOnline courses is limited, and determined on a first come first serve basis. 

Withdrawals may be accomplished within the UCCS online registration system until the Census Date
for these courses, FEBRUARY 3, 2016.

Please refer to the following information when calculating your refund amount:

  • Withdrawals accomplished before FEBRUARY 3, 2016 a 100% tuition refund will be issued. 
  • Withdrawals accomplished by  FEBRUARY 12, 2016 will receive an 80% refund.
  • Withdrawals accomplished by  FEBRUARY 26, 2016 will receive a 60% refund.
  • Withdrawals accomplished after FEBRUARY 26, 2016 NO REFUND will be issued.

We believe that MathOnline courses effectively provide high quality, university level mathematics courses to high school and other students. However, our experience indicates that a number of factors (including a student’s independence in learning, level of motivation, and discipline in study) play important roles in determining a student’s chances for success in these courses.With this in mind, please read Words of Caution prior to completing the registration process.