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For students who prefer private tutoring, referrals to local tutors are available. The tutors on this list are private contractors, and may not be employees of the Math Center. All arrangements, including fee, will be made between the tutor and student individually. Please, only contact a tutor if you are legitimately seeking tutoring.

If you would like to be added to our referral list as a private tutor, please fill out the attached information form and return it to the Math Center in Engineering 233, fax it to (719) 255-3605, or email it to Dr. Dorrington at jdorring@uccs.edu.

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Phone: (719) 255-3687 | Location: Engineering 233
Director: Dr. Jenny Dorrington | Phone: (719) 255-3129| jdorring@uccs.edu
Program Coordinator: Sean Dean | Phone: (719) 255-3148 | sdean@uccs.edu