Mathematics Honors Track

Departmental Honors Track- Mathematics

The UCCS mathematics department offers a special honors track to qualified math undergraduate students who are already pursuing a BA or BS in Math degree at UCCS. Admission to the honors track is by application only; an application form is available from the from the math department website. A letter of recommendation from a faculty in the Math Department is required.  Students should normally apply no later than the beginning of their first semester of their junior year.

Honors Track Application:

Requirements for graduating with Departmental Honors in Mathematics:

• Maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA in all Math courses and an overall 3.0 GPA
• Complete five 4000 or higher level Math courses with at least 3.3 GPA in these courses
• Complete a written report based on an undergraduate research project, a senior project in an advanced course or a senior thesis, under the supervision of a faculty advisor, and approved by the Undergraduate Committee.