Mathematics B.A. - Secondary Teacher Option

There is an option for Mathematics Secondary Teaching. Besides the 42 hours mathematics major course requirements below, there are 32 hours of required UCCSTeach Courses. Please refer to the UCCSTeach collaborative program and the Math Department for advising.  


BA-Secondary Teaching, Mathematics Course Requirements-
(42 Semester Hours) 

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Credit Hours
  MATH 1350 Calculus I, MATH 1360 Calculus II, MATH 2350 Calculus III
  MATH 2150 Discrete Math
  MATH 3100 Statistics for the Sciences or Inro. to Probability and Statistics MATH 3810
  MATH 3110 Number Theory
  MATH 3130 Intro. to Linear Algebra
  MATH 3400 Intro. to Differential Equations
  MATH 4140 Modern Algebra I
  MATH 4210 Higher Geometry
  MATH 4310 Modern Analysis I
  MATH 4480 Mathematical Modeling or MATH 4850 Stochastic Modeling
  Mathematics Electives

BA-Secondary Teaching, UCCSTeach- 32 Semester Hours

Course Prefix Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
UTED 1010 Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching 1
UTED 1020 Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design 1
UTED 2010 Knowing and Learning in Science and Mathematics 3
UTED 2020 Classroom Interactions 3
UTLS 3030 Perspectives on Science and Mathematics (offered in Spring only) 3
UTLS 3480 Functions and Modeling (Math only) (offered in Fall only) 3
UTED 4710 Project-Based Instruction 3
UTED 4720 Reading in the Content Areas (offered in Fall only) 3
UTED 4730 Apprentice Teaching 11
UTED 4731 Apprentice Teaching Seminar 1
Credit hours to complete UCCSTeach Program 32

LAS General Education Requirements for Math BA - Secondary Teaching Students

Humanities: BA Secondary Teaching Option Candidates need to takethe following courses as part of the LAS Humanities
general education area requirements:

  • PHIL 1000 Intro to Philosophy or
  • PHIL 1020 Intro to Ethics

Natural Sciences: BA Secondary Teaching Option Candidates need to take one of the following as part of the LAS
Natural Sciences general education area requirements:

    • PES 1110 - General Physics I - Calculus Based
    • PES 1120 - General Physics II
    • PES 1160 - Advanced Physics Lab I
    • Plus an additional three (3) hours from the approved LAS Natural Science list OR
    • 12 hours from the approved LAS Natural Science list to include one lab

Social Sciences: BA Secondary Teaching Option Candidates need to take:

  • PSY 1000 - General Psychology as part of the LAS Social Science general education area requirements.


Writing Requirements: BA Secondary Teaching Option Candidates should complete

  • ENGL 1310 - Rhetoric and Writing I and
  • ENGL 1410 - Rhetoric and Writing II

Free Electives:
Secondary Teaching Option Candidates will fill up all free electives with UCCSTeach courses. Students

should contact