Matlab is available in the computer labs ENG 136 (Math Learning Center) and ENG 233 (Engineering Computer Lab). Student versions can be purchased in the UCCS Bookstore and online.

  • Remote Access
    The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers Matlab remote access (restricted to UCCS students only!)
    To Request Remote Access Please e-mail 
  • Matlab Course- Math 2650 - Intro to Computational Math- 1 credit Hour

Matlab Tutorials

Quick Introduction/Reference

Matlab Tutorial for Calculus III
(Includes symbolic computations)


This page contains a few of the numerous web resources available for free to UCCS students (as of Spring 2010).

More Free Tutorials:


- MATLAB tutorial from University of Dundee (PDF)

- Tutorials offered by Mathworks, Inc.:


Free downloadable (chapter by chapter) books on MATLAB

- Numerical Computing with MATLAB, by Cleve Moler:

- Experiments with MATLAB e-book, by Cleve Moler:

- An Introduction to Programming and Numerical Methods in MATLAB, by Otto & Denier: [requires UCCS campus network]

- Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave. by Quarteroni & Saleri, [requires UCCS campus network]

Other useful (general) MATLAB books:

- Learning MATLAB, by Tobin Driscoll, SIAM 2009

- MATLAB, An Introduction with Application, 3rd edition, by Amos Gilat, Wiley 2008

- MATLAB: A Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving, by Stormy Attaway, Elsevier 2009


Specialized MATLAB books:

- Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave, 2nd ed., by A. Quarteroni and F. Saleri, Springer 2006

- Solving Applied Mathematical Problems with MATLAB, by Xue & Chen, CRC Press 2008,
  Companion site at

- Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB, by Steven Kay, Springer 2006, [requires UCCS campus network]
  Companion site at

Note: Maple tutorials and Maple labs can be found here.