Math 131 - Calculus I with Pre-Calculus Part A

General Course Information

Course Description: See Math 135 for calculus topics covered. Algebraic and elementary function topics are covered throughout, as needed. Math 131 and Math 132 together are equivalent to Math 135. The sequence Math 131-132 is designed for students whose manipulative skills in the techniques of high school algebra and precalculus may be inadequate for Math 135. Prer., 4 years high school math (algebra, geometry, trigonometry or their equivalents). Credit not granted for this course and Math 135.

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Supplemental Material  
Other Resources:
Lab 1 - Functions and Maple
Lab 2 - Fitting Functions to Data
Lab 3 - Optimization
Lab 4 - Application of the Derivative - Newton's Method
Lab 5 - Numerical Integration Methods I
Lab 6 - The Definite Integral
Limits and Continuity
Differentiation and Tangent Lines

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