Expected Math Graduate Course Offerings (Effective Fall 2015)

This table represents the graduate level courses that the Mathematics Department plans to offer. It is meant to help students map out a course of study. Actual course offerings may deviate slightly from those indicated here. (✓ indicates the course is scheduled for that semester.)

Fall '15
Spring '16 Fall '16 Spring '17
Topology (Math 5010)
Linear Algebra I (Math 4130/5130)
Modern Algebra II (Math 4150/5150)
Higher Geometry (Math 4210/5210)
Modern Analysis II (Math 4320/5320)
Optimization (Math 4420/5420)
Methods of Applied Math (Math 4470/5470)
Mathematical Modeling (Math 4480/5480)
Numerical Analysis (Math 4650/5650)
Mathematical Statistics I (Math 4810/5810)
Mathematical Statistics II (Math 4820/5820)
Stochastic Modeling (Math 4850/5850)
Rings & Modules I (Math 5170/6170)
Rings & Modules II (Math 6180)*
Algebraic Coding Theory (Math 5270/6270)
Real Analysis I (Math 5330/6330)
Functional Analysis (Math 5350/6350)
Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 5430/6430)
Approximation Methods (Math 5440/6440)
Complex Analysis I (Math 5610/6610)
Complex Analysis II (Math 5620/6620)
Theory of Probability I (Math 5910/6910)
Theory of Probability II (Math 5920/6920)

  *Note: If Math 6180 or any Math 5/6XX0 sequence course is not offered, it may be replaced by another Math 5/6XX0 sequence course or by an irregularly offered course listed below.

List of irregularly offered courses:

  • Intro to Chaotic Dynamic Systems (Math 4250/5250))
  • Scientific Computation (Math 4670/5670)
  • Linear Statistical Models (Math 4830/5830)
  • Fractal Geometry (Math 5230)