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Travel Information

  • TRAVEL REQUEST FORM- Use this form to request Department, Ledger or Grant funds for Travel related to your Research or Academic duties.  This form must be approved by the chair (signed) and the ST number will be given to you by the Department Program Assistant.  TA Numbers are no longer required, however, approval from the Chair of the Department is required to get the Speed Type number for booking travel through Christopherson Travel.

    Christopherson Business Travel:

    Business Hours:

    7:00 am to 5:30 pm (Mountain Time)

    Contact Information:
    Toll Free Phone: 1-855-462-8885
    Local Phone: (303) 694-8744
    Fax: (303) 741-6329
    Emergency After Hours: 1-800-787-2390 (must reference service code AI79) 5:30p.m. & Weekends
    Int’l Emergency After Hours: 1-818-575-4313 (collect call using service code AI79)

  • Calculating expenses for Travel Request Form:

    Per diem (meal) rates:

    Rental car information:

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