UCCS MATH Course offerings - (updated Fall 2014)

  • Math 2650 - Intro to Computational Math (1 credit)
    An introduction to the use of computers in mathematics using the Matlab computer algebra system. Representation of equations and functions using arrays. Visualization of data and functions. Matlab programs, including general program organization, subprograms, files, and built-in mathematical functions. Prer., MATH 2350.

  • Math 3650 - Advanced Computational Math (2 credits)
    Advanced computational techniques with applications in mathematics, science and engineering. Topics include numerical linear algebra, dynamical systems and stability, calculus in the complex plane and elements of Fourier analysis, the DFT and FFT method, Monte Carlo Simulations, other applications in science and engineering. Prer., MATH 2650, MATH 3130, MATH 3400.

  • Math 3670 - Scientific Computation I (3 credits)
    This is the 3-credit-hour alternative to MATH 2650 (1 credit) and MATH 3650 (2 credits). Introduction to computational math (see course description for MATH 2650) and advanced computational techniques (see course description for MATH 3650). Prer., MATH 3130, MATH 3400.

  • Math 4670/5670 - Scientific Computation II (3 credits) 
    Description and analysis of algorithms used for numerical solutions of partial differential equations of importance in science and engineering. Practical computations are included. Prer., MATH 3130, MATH 3400, and CS 1150 or equivalent.