undergraduate advising


If you have general questions about academic requirements as you work towards your major in mathematics, please contact the Student Success Center at (719) 255-3260 http://www.uccs.edu/ssc/advisinghours.html, where you will be directed to the appropriate advisor.


If you have questions about a major or minor in mathematics or about the certificate programs offered by the department, please contact the Chair of the Undergraduate Committee, Dr. Carlson, at (719) 255-3561 or email at rcarlson@uccs.edu .

All Math majors are required to meet with a faculty advisor in the Math department during their first year as a Math major. The next Advising period will be in late October - early November 2013. The exact week will be posted on this website and an email invitation will be sent to all Math Majors at least a month in advance.


 If you have questions about the graduate programs in mathematics, please contact the Chair of the Graduate Committee, Dr. Chakravarty, at (719) 255-3549 or email at schakrav@uccs.edu .