Welcome to the Mathematics Department at UCCS

Dr. Greg Morrow
Dear Students:

The Math department's faculty and staff are committed to providing quality instruction at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The department offers a variety of courses and degree programs to serve the needs of our diverse student population. These include: undergraduate majors and minors in both Mathematics and Applied Mathematics; a Master's program in Applied Mathematics and a Master of Science with Mathematics Emphasis; courses to support majors from every college on campus; and courses to support teacher certification in Mathematics (TEP and ALP programs).

In addition to our course offerings, we are pleased to support a vibrant student Math Club, which sponsors a variety of activities throughout the year. The department encourages a continuous exchange of ideas and supports an active colloquium series with many talks embracing audiences that include students.

Each of the nine full-time faculty of the UCCS Mathematics Department are active in their research areas; all are known both nationally and internationally for cutting edge research. The areas of research emphasis include:  differential equations, probability, harmonic analysis, number theory, and algebra. The department boasts a number of prestigious grants (e.g. NSF, NSA, Department of Education). The faculty has organized an array of international research conferences in recent years. These activities continue a long tradition of outstanding research workshops and conferences hosted by the department.

Please contact us regarding any additional information about our department.


Dr. Gregory Morrow
UCCS Math Department Chair