Map Interface

This is a simple documentation of the map's primary functions and how to use them. If you have questions, please visit the FAQ, or email the designer at This documentation is not complete, or organized, yet, as it is in beta just as the new map is.

1) Buildings on the Map

The buildings on the map have several important functions:

If you scroll over them with your mouse, the map displays their name.

Clicking on the building will display more information about it below the map. This includes an interface to get directions from this building to other buildings on campus. It also has a "Link to this Building", which is useful for linking outside the map interface itself back to it. When used, the map will automatically load centered on the building and hightlighting it. 

2) Linking to the Map

The map also has a host of features for dynamically linking to it. By default, using its URL will work to get to the map itself, but you can have the map load displaying a certain route or building, or with certain Points of Interest showing. To do this, you merely add some extra stuff onto the end of the map URL.

  • ?building=building_name
  • ?directions=start:start_name&end:end_name
  • ?markers=markers_flag

The building specifier searches for the building name passed to it when the map loads: if there are multiple results, it highlights all of those results, otherwise it centers on one specific building on startup.

The directions specifier loads displaying directions between two points specified by the names passed into it. Notably, these names can be on campus buildings, or offsite locations/addresses.

The markers specifier takes an integer and displays the markers that number corresponds to. Passing in a number that is 11 or higher results in the map displaying all markers. The number assosiations are as such:

0: Parking
1: Plazas
2: Moutain Transit Stops
3: City Bus Stops
4: Emergency Call Boxes
5: Food
6: Visitor Parking
7: Accessible Parking
8: Visitor Accessible Parking
9: ATMs
10: Misc.
11: All

3) Points of Interest

ATMAccessible ParkingBusCallboxFoodParkingPlazaUniversity ShuttleVisitor Accesible ParkingVisitor Parking

By opening the panel on the left of the map labeled Points of Interest, you may toggle off and on different points of interest to view. If there is any additional information, clicking on a POI will yield that additional information, such as whether a lot is temporary or hub parking. 

4) RSS Feeds

Buildings that have a page at have access to their RSS feeds from there. By clicking on a building, and scrolling down below its main info, the events happening at that location can be viewed.