There are several different ways to get directions:

1) Use the directions menu on the left of the screen. 

You can type in a start and end manually, which can be either a name of an on campus location, or an address, or you can use the dropdowns on the right of the boxes to select a building on campus from a list of all buildings. 

2) Click on a Building for Directions

You can also click on a building to bring up a short description of the building (see: Map Interface). Scroll down to find a box to get directions from the selected building to any other building. 

3) Linking to Directions

You can also link to the map in such a way that it displays directions when it loads. This is useful for outside linking, such as a club giving out directions to their meeting place. To do so, add "?directions=start:breckenridge_house&end:osborne" to the end of the map's default URL. This will work with both mobile and desktop users. 

The "?directions=" tells the browser you want directions, "start:" specifies the start of your route, and "end" specifies the end of your route, and must be seperated by a "&" character. Note that you cannot have spaces in the name of the start or end, as it is part of a URL. You can, however, use underscores ("_") instead of spaces.