BSME Admission Requirements

Admission Criteria for Freshman Students - Students who meet these requirements are assured admission to the College

  • Rank in the upper 30th percentile of high school graduating class
  • ACT composite score of 25 or above or an SAT composite score of 1120 or above

Expected high school work is

  • English - 4 course units
  • Math - 4 course units (at least two years of algebra, one year geometry, one year advanced math)
  • Natural Science - 3 course units (one year physics, one year of chemistry)
  • Social Science - 2 course units (government, history, economics, psychology, sociology)
  • Foreign Language - 2 course units (all in a single language)
  • Academic Electives - 1 course unit

Students that do not meet assured admission criteria can be admitted by the Engineering Committee, but are not guaranteed admission to the College of Engineering.

Transfer students

Transfer students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For application information: How To Apply

For further information contact the Student Success Center:

  Students with last name:

     A-K     Claire Ami  719-255-3637

     L-Z    Nate Raugutt 719-255-3260