FE Exam

Available for Seniors and recent graduates - Exam can now be taken at any time at various locations!  Process is as follows:

  1. Register with NCEES for the FE exam at the following website: You will need to register for an account and pay the $225 fee at that time.
  2. Go to the following Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) website:
  3. To get the application click on 'Professionals (Applications and Forms) on the left, then 'Professional Engineer and Engineer Intern'.  Select 'EI Student Exam Application
  4. Fill out the application completely and bring to the MAE office (Stephanie Vigil) A437, with a check/money order made payable to 'State of Colorado' in the amount of $30.  The MAE office informs DORA of your application and interest in the FE exam and will link your application with NCEES.  You will be notified by DORA within 2-4 weeks when this is complete and can then proceed with taking the FE exam at the date, time and location that you requested.
  5. Upon successfully passing the FE exam, you are eligible for a $100 rebate from the University of Colorado MAE office (funds were provided by Dr. Osborne).  To receive the $100, the MAE office needs a copy of receipt from NCEES showing your $225 payment at the time of registering and a copy of the NCEES form showing you passed the FE exam.  Include your full name and mailing address.

Senior Exit Interview

Seniors that are graduating may fill out an exit interview survey.   After completing the survey, please return it to Stephanie Vigil at

Senior Audit

The semester prior to your graduation, schedule your Senior Audit with your Academic Advisor by contacting the Student Success Center at 719-255-3260 or stopping by Main Hall 208.

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