MAE Laboratories

InstruLab The department maintains several laboratories and facilities for undergraduate instruction in University Hall, on the corner of Austin Bluffs Parkway and Union Boulevard. The Fluids Laboratory has water, compressed air, computers, and a large variety of test equipment and devices for conducting fluids-related experiments. In a separate room from the Fluids Lab there is a larger Wind Tunnel used for fluids and aerospace engineering experiments and demonstrations. The Instrumentation Laboratory has five stations with computers, oscilloscopes, signal generators and other equipment. The department also maintains a Computer Lab for student use. A small Prototyping Shop contains several small lathes, a larger lathe, a mill, a drill press, welding equipment and a variety of other hand and power tools.

The MAE Help Center is located in A447 in the Osborne Center and is staffed by upper division and graduate students to provide help for most MAE courses. Hours vary by semester and are posted outside the door of the help center.

Departmental Research Laboratories are located in the modular buildings on Eagle Rock Road.