James Stevens

James Stevens


Office:  OCSE A-438
Phone:  (719) 255-3581
Home Page: http://www.uccs.edu/~jstevens

Biographical Sketch

Professor Stevens received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. (1991) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University.  He started his academic career at Mississippi State University and came to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2002.


Professor Stevens' broad areas of interest include heat transfer and thermodynamics with application to renewable energy.  Recent projects include designing and testing prototype small temperature differential heat engines, analyzing heat engines suitable for utilizing alternate energy resources, analyzing thermal transport in living tissue for purposes of medical device design, and analyzing thermal aspects of high speed wear testing.

Recent Publications

  1. J.W. Mason and J.W. Stevens, 2011, “Design and Construction of a Solar-powered Fluidyne Test Bed” Proceedings of the ASME 2011 Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exposition IMECE2011, paper IMECE2011-62194
  2. J.W. Stevens, 2010, “Low Capital Cost Renewable Energy Conversion With Liquid Piston Stirling Engines,” Proceedings of ASME 2010 4th International Conference on Energy Sustainability ES2010, paper ES2010-90129
  3. M. R. Maixner, J.W. Stevens, 2009, "Assessment of Near-Surface Ground Temperature Profiles for Optimal Placement of a Thermoelectric Device," Energy Conversion and Management, Vol 50, pp. 2361-2365

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