PhD Engineering - MAE: Procedures & Requirements for Graduation

The course requirements are outlined on the following page: Program Info

Duration of Program

The completion of the Ph.D. degree must be accomplished in seven years. An extension to this time limit will be considered if requested.

Dissertation Committee

  • Once the qualifying exam has been successfully completed, the dissertation committee will be formed.
  • The student will select a dissertation advisor from the MAE faculty.
  • The dissertation advisor will assume the role of the academic advisor and the advisor for dissertation research.
  • The dissertation committee will consist of 5 members. Three of the members must be from the MAE department with at least one member of the committee being from outside the MAE department.
  • A maximum of two members from outside the college of EAS may serve on the committee; they must be members of the graduate faculty.
  • The committee chair must be a member of the MAE graduate faculty.
  • The committee should reflect the focus area of the dissertation work and be able to support and evaluate the student’s work.
  • A student may change advisors by petitioning the graduate affairs committee.


The dissertation is a written, polished document reporting the results of the student’s investigation into an original area of research. At least 30 semester hours of dissertation credit are required. All Ph.D. dissertations must be written according to a departmentally approved format and enclosed in the department report cover. Each will be assigned a department report number.

Final Oral Defense of the Dissertation

The final oral defense of the dissertation occurs at the completion of the dissertation after the first and second readers have approved its contents. It is open to anyone who wishes to attend. A successful candidate must receive the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the Dissertation Committee. The examination may be attempted at most twice.

For additional information, please contact the MAE Department.