MAE Faculty Areas of Interest

The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering hires outstanding faculty members to teach in a broad range of courses.  The following is a list of full-time faculty members' expertise and areas of interest.

John Adams Instructor

     Modeling (mathematics), Plasma

Julie Albertson Senior Instructor

     Experimental Aerodynamics, Engineering Education, Technical Communication and Sustainable Energy

Michael Calvisi Assistant Professor

     Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, Multi-phase flows, and Bio-fluid mechanics

Peter Gorder Associate Professor

     Dynamic systems and control, Aerospace vehicle dynamics, Engineering design

Andrew Ketsdever Professor, Chair

     Propulsion and Gas dynamics

Michael Larson Professor

     Solid mechanics and design

Leal Lauderbaugh Associate Professor

     Systems biology, Dynamics, and control of mechanical systems

Taylor Lilly Assistant Professor

    Light-gas interactions, Space environment, Numerical + Experimental investigations

Ed McBride, Instructor

David Schmidt Professor Emeritus

     Aerospace dynamics, guidance and control

James Stevens Professor

     Heat transfer, Applied thermodynamics

Steven Tragesser Associate Professor

     Spacecraft dynamics and control, Biomechanics

Rebecca Webb Associate Professor

     Heat transfer and fluid mechanics, Solar energy collection

Kyle Webb Instructor

     Analog/mixed-signal integrated circuit design, Dynamic systems and control   

Bret Windom Assistant Professor

      Fuel characterization, Combustion, Tribology