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the vietnam war and UCCS

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The Vietnam War & UCCS

The Vietnam War's impact on UCCS is the subject of the spring Archives exhibit at the Kraemer Family Library. The east display case on the third floor features a Vietnam War Timeline and materials documenting student life at UCCS during an increasingly unpopular war. At a time when young people on college campuses across the USA were voicing opposition and organizing demonstrations against the war, students on the Colorado Springs campus were making their feelings known as well. But in contrast to the primarily teen and twenty-something protesters across the country, the UCCS student body included military veterans, working people returning to school to advance in their jobs, and in addition to students eligible for the draft. With job and family obligations as well as their classes, students had other priorities that influenced their perspectives on the war, making campus response to US involvement a unique piece of history.

The Vietnam War & UCCS will be on display through the end of March 2013.

View images of this display at the Kraemer Family Library's flickr page!

Posted: 02/04/2013