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Sheri C. Gibson

Student Publications

Gibson, Sheri C. and Edie Greene. "Assessing Knowledge of Elder Financial Abuse: A First Step in Enhancing Prosecutions." Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect 25(2): 162-182. 2013

Sheri C. Gibson, Doctoral Candidate, Psychology Department

Article's Abstract

"Financial exploitation by a family member is the most common form of elder mistreatment; yet, it is a difficult crime to detect and prosecute. Psychologists have traditionally assisted prosecutors by assessing decisional capacity and opining in court whether an alleged victim was able to consent to the contested transactions. This article proposes and evaluates a novel form of psychological expertise in financial abuse trials--social framework testimony to reeducate jurors who are misinformed about aspects of this largely hidden crime. Findings suggest that, as in cases of child and spousal abuse, social framework testimony on the general dispositional and situational factors inherent in elder financial abuse may enhance prosecutions." -- from the journal.

Posted: 04/25/2013