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UCCS Digital Collection Guidelines

UCCS Digital Collection Guidelines

Content Guidelines

  • All materials stored in the respository must be wholly or in part produced and sponsored by the University of Colorado Colorado Springs faculty, researchers, staff, or graduate students. Owners of collections may choose to include undergraduate student work.
  • The work should be scholarly, research-oriented, educational, creative, or generally reflect the intellectural environment of the campus.
  • Materials are intended to be permanent contributions to the repository. However, works that are later published in another format can be removed if needed.
  • The author/copyright owner should be willing and able to grant the University of Colorado Colorado Springs the right to preserve and distribute the work via the digital repository. The author/copyright owner retains copyright for all works submitted.
  • If the work is part of a series, the submission of other digital works in that series should also be submitted so the repository can offer as full a set as possible.

Digital Collections - Campus Infrastructure

Oversight Committee

A campus committee will decide on general policy (specific implementation will be done at community level). The committee will resolve operational issues as they develop and ad-hoc subcommittees will be organized at need.


A Community identifies and supports a collection within the repository.

  • It can be formed within a scholarly unit such as a college or school, department or research center at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
  • Each Community will develop a Working Group with a representative who can act as liaison with the repository staff at the Kraemer Family Library.
  • Working Groups may coordinate with one or more Communities to manage collections.


A Representative acting as liaison has responsibility to:

  • Act as the main contact for his/her Group with the repository staff.
  • Act as a liaison between Group members and the repository staff.
  • Understand and observe all repository policies and guidelines

Rights of the Collection Owner

The owner of a collection in the digital repository is identified as the body that submits digital content for placement in the Digital Collections. Content may appear in more than one collection so the original content provider will have rights to:

  • Withdraw an item.
  • Determine the level of access of the materials submitted.
  • Define their own collection policies, including: to identify appropriate subject-related content, to divide allocated space among subgroups, and to develop standards for description of digital objects.