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Howard-Grenville, J., Matthew L. Metzger, and A. D. Meyer. "Rekindling the Flame: Processes of Identity Resurrection." Academy Of Management Journal 56.1 (2013): 113-136. doi: 10.5465/amj.2010.0778

Matt Metzger, College of Business

Article's Abstract

"We build theory on the process of collective identity resurrection through a qualitative study investigating how community members reenergized a valued community identity following years of decline. Our findings suggest a recursive model of identity resurrection, in which community leaders marshal tangible resources such as money and human talent to orchestrate experiences and community members authenticate the experiences by judging them resonant with memories and existing identity symbols. This model draws attention to the role of experience and emotion in identity processes, extending theory that has tended to focus narrowly on cognitive aspects of collective identity. We discuss implications for processes of identity reproduction and resurrection in organizational settings, and for interdependencies between community and organizational identities." -- from the journal

Posted: 07/03/2013