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Jessica Kirby and Mary Ann Kluge

Faculty Publications

Kirby, Jessica B. and Mary Ann Kluge."Going for the Gusto: Competing for the First Time at Age 65."Journal of Aging and Physical Activity 21 (3): 290-308. 2013.

Jessica Kirby and Mary Ann Kluge, Health Sciences

Article's Abstract

"Older adults are often viewed by society more for what they cannot do than for what they are capable of achieving. This intrinsic case study examined the formation of a women's 65+ volleyball team at a university for the purpose of better understanding what it was like for older women to learn a new sport and what meaning participating in competitive sport had for those who had not previously been considered athletic. Qualitative methods explored each participant's experiences through a focus group, individual interviews, observational notes, and written reflections. Resulting team member themes included going for the gusto, belonging to a team, and support from the university. This program is a potential model to engage nonathletic older adults in sport, while forging a new and positive aging framework for aging athletes." -- from the journal

Posted: 12/17/2013