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Donate to the Library

When you give a gift to the Kraemer Family Library, you demonstrate your commitment to the Library's role in supporting the curriculum, research and scholarship of UCCS. Your monetary donations or gifts-in-kind make a tremendous difference in our ability to provide students with the print and electronic tools they need to be productive and involved citizens, community leaders and lifelong learners. Your donation will have an immediate and direct impact on the Library and represents a unique and lasting contribution to the Library's excellence. Your gifts are critical to the development of excellence and the support of academic achievement at UCCS.

Donation Priorities for 2013-2015

Honors Undergraduate or Graduate Student Assistantship: $50,000 Endowment Opportunity

This is a $50,000 Endowment Opportunity or you could donate a minimum of $1,000 for a one semester assistantship.

This assistantship provides a student with an opportunity to serve as assistant manager for the Library's online journal, Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS. This position would receive a stipend for $1,000 per semester.

University Archives Undergraduate Assistantship: $50,000 Endowment Opportunity

This is a $50,000 Endowment Opportunity or could donate a minimum of $1,000 for a one semester assistantship.

This assistantship provides a student an opportunity to work with University Archives Librarian to obtain, inventory, catalog, digitize, and make publicly available a wide variety of materials related to UCCS. This position would receive a stipend for $1,000 per semester.

University Archives  Enhancements: $40,000 Endowment Opportunity

Assist in improving security and storage conditions in the UCCS Archives. In addition, this will aid in reconfiguring workspace and create storage space for researchers' belongings while using the Archives.

Other Donation Opportunities

Add to our Research Materials Collections


With each $50.00 donation, a bookplate with an inscription will be put into a new book in the subject area of your choice. By participating in Add-a-Book, you may recognize yourself, honor another person or celebrate meaningful events in someone's life while simultaneously supporting the Library. Please provide the specific recognition information with your check. Contact Rhonda Glazier at or 719-255-3291 for information.


Gifts of ongoing journal or periodical subscriptions are also welcome. The Library requests that gifts for subscriptions include sufficient funding for a minimum subscription of three years. Contact Rhonda Glazier at or 719-255-3291 for information.

Naming Opportunities

Your donation can also be directed to a naming opportunity within the Kraemer Family Library in the El Pomar Center. Opportunities range from naming a Study Chair for $120 to naming the Library's Instruction Room 237 or one of the two large Reading Rooms for $250,000.  Contact Teri Switzer at or 719-255-3115 for information.

Monetary Donations

Cash contributions may be made through currency, check, or credit card and are tax deductible. Checks should be issued to "University of Colorado Foundation - Kraemer Library" and mailed to Dr. Teri Switzer, Kraemer Family Library, UCCS, 1420 Austin Bluff Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Credit card donations may be made online through the CU Foundation.

You may multiply your contribution if your employer matches your donation. Consult your employer to determine if matching gift options are available.

Payroll Deductions

University employees may choose to give to the Library through payroll deduction. Please see the Giving to CU's Faculty and Staff page for the correct form and remember to designate Kraemer Library as the recipient.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts such as books, journals, media or historic materials are significant to the development of the Library. Over the years these donations have helped to develop the size, depth and diversity of the collection. Selection criteria for gift materials are the same as those for purchased materials. In most cases, duplicate materials will not be added to the collection. Gift materials are accepted without stipulations and the library staff reserves the right to determine the ultimate disposition of donated items including disposal.

You may deliver gifts of materials to the Library anytime it is open. Upon delivery, you will be provided a donation form to complete so that a written acknowledgement may be provided. You may request gift plates be attached to materials added to the collection.

Under current tax law, the Library cannot attach a value to materials received through donation. You may assign a value for tax purpose or elect to have the donation independently appraised to establish the value for tax purposes. If you want a detailed inventory by title with the letter of acknowledgement, please submit a list of titles with your donation.

The Library does not have the resources to pick up gift materials from outside campus.  Please contact Joan Carlo at 719-255-3293 with any questions.


Income earning endowments provide an ongoing contribution to the improvement of the Library. Endowments may be established with gifts of $25,000 or more.  Contact Diane Dickerson at for information.

Bequests and Planned Giving

If you wish to explore the option of including a gift to the Library as part of your estate planning, see the Plan Your Legacy website.