Kraemer Family Library: 2020 Strategic Plan

Kraemer Family Library: 2020 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Kraemer Family Library fosters the intellectual growth of UCCS students, faculty, staff, and our community by developing innovative services, technologies, collections, and spaces that facilitate their emerging information needs.

Strategic Directions

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1. Maximize the potential of the Library's physical space.

  • Enhance the quiet spaces and collaborative spaces.
  • Adjust library hours to meet user needs.
  • Ensure signage in the library is accurate and improves user ability to utilize the library's space.
  • Position the Library as an inviting space that furthers the UCCS commitment to contribute to "life outside the classroom."
  • Reduce the Library's environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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2. Be a lead technology hub and provider.

  • Further develop the Library's physical space to increase technical capabilities.
  • Increase the Library's ability to provide user-friendly technology to the UCCS community.
  • Partner with IT and other organizations to provide workshops and technology training events.
  • Create more self-service points within the Library.
  • Ensure library employees have the necessary technology-related skills.

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3. Enhance and further integrate the library's online presence.

  • Provide a positive user experience on core library web presences.
  • Optimize the library catalog for additional discoverability.
  • Increase online instruction offerings and capabilities.
  • Advocate for usable and accessible interfaces for current and future electronic resources.
  • Improve user access to eBooks.
  • Create an online toolkit to ensure consistent branding of the Library.

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4. Take an active role throughout the entire research process.

  • Partner with other organizations to develop targeted workshops to address common issues faced within the research process.
  • Position the Library as a host and promoter of content originally created at UCCS.
  • Expand the scaffolded information literacy program to address information needs for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Increase support for faculty participating in the scholarly communication process.
  • Support and advocate for student research and creative works.

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5. Build a culture of assessment.

  • Create an effective program of professional development for Library employees to meet evolving user needs.
  • Develop and implement a systematic evaluation of the Library's collection.
  • Identify and clearly communicate the value of the Library to the campus community.
  • At the department level, create and document assessment practices for all library service areas.

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