Kraemer Family Library Mission Statement

Kraemer Family Library Mission Statement


The Kraemer Family Library fosters the intellectual growth of UCCS students, faculty, staff, and our community by developing innovative services, technologies, collections, and spaces that facilitate their emerging information needs.


The Kraemer Family Library promotes an open atmosphere of scholarly inquiry where all members of UCCS and the Colorado Springs communities can pursue their intellectual endeavors. The Library enhances our users' ability to access information and develop critical research skills by creating physical and virtual pathways for them to interact with Library resources and staff at the most opportune times in their learning processes.

Values Statement

  • We offer an environment that encourages scholarship, creativity, and academic & intellectual freedom.
  • We believe information literacy is an essential learning outcome of our students.
  • We recognize that the needs of each user are different or unique.
  • We embrace campus and community partnerships.
  • We cultivate employee and organizational excellence by supporting innovation, teamwork, inclusiveness, civility, flexibility, risk-taking, accountability, and professional growth.