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donald gage's picture of the first UCCS bookstore

Archives Display

The Donald Gage Slide Collection

Dr. Donald Gage was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at UCCS from 1966 to 1978. The photographs he took have been used in many campus publications through time but have rarely been published in color. The August Archives display is an exhibition of his work, bringing the history of the UCCS campus to life in glorious technicolor. A picture is worth a thousand words - but don't worry, the photoes also have explanatory captions.

Here on the 3rd floor of the library you can see pictures of the first campus bookstore (in Cragmor Hall) and our earliest chemistry lab (in Main Hall). Want to know what Dwire Hall's construction site looked like? Or see the Warhol inspired Campbell's Soup graffiti on the old water tank (the remains of which are still up on the bluffs)? All of those images and more are available to view this month.

View images of this display at the Kraemer Family Library's flickr page!

Posted: 08/14/2014