June 1-2, 2015
University Center, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Contact Information

Carla Myers
Director of Access Services and Scholarly Communications

Conference Schedule

2015 UCCS Conference Schedule

2015 UCCS Copyright Conference Schedule

Morning Break-out Session Descriptions

Session I- Identifying Copyright Issues at Your Institution
Presented by Dr. Kenneth D. Crews
In this session we'll explore copyright issues often encountered in libraries.

Session II-"Congratulations, you're our new copyright librarian!"
Presented by Kevin Smith
There are many ways to meet the need on our campuses for copyright assistance.  But the myriad of questions and problems that arise is daunting even to experienced copyright specialists, and too often is simply to say no.  This presentation will address the need to develop relationships, locate resources, and have channels in place to assist our communities with copyright conundrums.  The focus will be on working together to find solutions, rather than mere negatives.  We will consider formal approaches such as appointing a copyright librarians versus distributed solutions that rely on a committee or team.  In the end, the goal is to direct a person in need to the most efficient solution, and we will examine the diverse paths to accomplishing that goal.

Afternoon Break-out Session Descriptions

Answering Copyright Questions Asked By Library Patrons
Presented by Peter Midgley
Library patrons have copyright questions; librarians have answers. But what is the best way to provide the answers to all those who have questions? How do you disseminate information about copyright law without straying into the dangerous territory of providing legal advice? This session will explore strategies for answering copyright questions with confidence and ensuring that accurate information is always made available to library patrons with copyright questions.

Copyright & the Courts
Presented by Tucker Taylor
A discussion of recent court cases and proposed changes to U.S. Copyright Law and how they impact libraries.

Copyright for Library Dean's and University Administrators
Presented by Dr. Kenneth Crews
This session will provide an overview of copyright issues Library Dean's and University Administrators should be aware of and the ways in which they can support library staff in address them

Institutional Repositories: Do you have Rights?
Presented by Dr. Kelly Visnak
The open movement is leading libraries in the academy to work with their faculty to provide dissemination of their research through the World Wide Web.  In doing so, librarians are creating digital scholarship services, instruction and rights management support focused around ingesting faculty publications into an institution's digital repository. This session will provide an overview and then dig deep into publisher policies and seeking copyright permissions, the considerations and resources to use when determining which previously published faculty publications can be archived into the repository.

Licensing, Copyright and Mass Digitization - It's All About Risk!
Presented by Kevin Smith
These topics look diverse, but they often converge in practice when libraries consider new databases and new projects.  We will look at vendor licenses, especially in relation to both contract and copyright law, and the process of negotiation.  We will also consider licensing for distribution, including such situations as ETDs and digitization of unique collections.

Promoting your Scholarship through Open Access
Presented by Andrew Wesolek
Many academic librarians are required to publish as part of the promotion and tenure process. And if they are not, they surely consult with faculty who are. Often, it is not enough to simply have published works, but one must also demonstrate the impact of those works. Luckily, there are strategies you can use to bolster the visibility and impact of your work. This presentation will cover author's rights, negotiating publication agreements, open access publishing, and free resources you can use to boost the visibility of your work.