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first UCCS student lounge with vending machines

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Eating and Drinking on Campus

Have you ever complained about the food on campus? Take a trip back to the early days of campus dining (or lack thereof!) with the June/July Archives display and find out how much the dining options have grown since the 1960s.

UCCS has always been primarily a commuter campus. The first student lounge was located in Cragmor Hall using furniture left by the retirement home. Students requested that food be available on campus so vending machines were added. In 1969, the Library was moved from Main Hall second floor which then became the student lounge.

The first Student Center was built in 1976. It included the first cafeteria style food services that served food cooked on the campus. The first cafeteria was in the space currently occupied by Clyde's. The Student Center was expanded in 1988 and renamed the University Center. The Overlook Cafe had larger kitchen and food serving facilities as well as more seating.

The display also features campus news and press releases on the conversion of the Overlook into our current Cafe '65 and the opening of Clyde's, our new and improved campus pub. There is also information about other campus related food initiatives, such as nutrition counseling at the Lane Center and student gardening. With UCCS now managing food services on its own, it's a great chance to reflect on the past!

View images of this display at the Kraemer Family Library's flickr page!

Posted: 06/15/2014