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Brandon Vogt

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Vogt, Brandon J."Visualizing Summertime Lightning Patterns on Colorado Fourteeners."Professional Geographer, 66(1): 41-57.

Brandon J. Vogt, Geography and Environmental Studies Department

Article's Abstract

"In the context of lightning avoidance, this article explores temporal and spatial patterns of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes to Colorado Fourteeners, the popularly summited set of mountains that exceed 4,267 m (14,000 ft). The article describes the Fourteener concept, examines trends in lightning fatalities and injuries, and reviews thunderstorm climatology across the greater Colorado landscape. Fifteen years (1996-2010) of summertime lightning activity at near-summit locations are examined. Three measures characterize lightning activity for fifty-four Fourteeners: (1) overall strikes received, (2) lightning days, and (3) the time of day when lightning first strikes. Maps, histograms, and ranked lists identify trends and anomalies generated from the three measures. Examples of highest potential risks include Pikes Peak for Fourteener, Front Range for mountain range, and the third week of July for time of summer. The results can help avoid lightning when making long-term plans to visit Fourteeners and can heighten awareness when on Fourteeners. In addition to lightning avoidance, the article contributes to mountain geography and related atmospheric, physical, and social sciences." -- from the journal. 

Posted: 01/27/2014