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Beth Kumar

Faculty Publications

Kumar, Beth Larkee and Tabatha Farney. "Administering LibGuides: Planning, Implementation, and Beyond." In Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services: A LITA Guide. Eds. Aaron W. Dobbs, Ryan L. Sittler, and Douglas Cook. Chicago: ALA TechSource, 2013.

Beth Kumar, Kraemer Family Library

About the Book

"The easy-to-use tools in Springshare's LibGuides help you organize webpages, improve students' research experience and learning, and offer an online community of librarians sharing their work and ideas. Editors Dobbs, Sittler, and Cook have recruited expert contributors to address specific applications, creating a one-stop reference. Readers will be able to create subject guides that achieve the full potential of LibGuides with advice on such topics as:

  • Learning from the best--a showcase of 28 LibGuides with exceptional design and pedagogy
  • Collaborating with faculty to embed LibGuides in course management systems
  • Creating a customized look to your LibGuides with design flair and enhanced functionality
  • Getting ready for smart-phone users with a plan for the mobile web
  • Setting up Google Analytics on a LibGuide site
  • Teaching with LibGuides" -- from the publisher.

Posted: 04/05/2013