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The LGBT+ Resource Center recieves notification regarding a lot of very interesting opportunities. To help support our students, we have attempted to begin gathering information about unigue oportunities and scholarships that are frequently submitted to our office. If you have something you would like to see posted on this page please contact us.

NOTE: The LGBT Reource Center, UCCS, MOSAIC nor PPGLCC endorse the content of any links on these pages unless specifically noted.


Pride Awards



Crossing Boundaries


3) Trying to write a book?

Check out this site: http://ingrouppress.com/about.html

inGroup Press is a fresh, young LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) publishing company with personality. We're based in Chicago, yet we are restlessly on the move for the most intriguing titles within the LGBT community. We don't like addiction but we love to experience. We believe in the future of publishing and we understand the importance of the Internet, and our mission is to find balance and fusion in a marriage between the two. A marriage that connects people to great stories, to exciting distractions, and to the evolution of lifestyle.

Contact Us: For all book queries and submissions, please see our Submissions page. For questions regarding your order from our Website, please contact Orders@ingrouppress.com. For all other inquiries and comments, please contact our Customer Care department at CustomerCare@ingrouppress.com.