Scholarship Opportunities

The LGBT+ Resource Center recognizes the need for LGBTIQQAA and others to recieve specific scholarships, grants and financial aid. We hope that this page can be used as a resource for LGBT+ students when they are searching for ways to finance their education. Further, rules and eligibility may change on short notice. Please refer to the websites for the most current information. If you have any further questions or notice errors, please contact the LGBT+ Resource Center. If you know of other scholarships we have not included here, please let us know. Email:


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There are 16 scholarships included on this page. However, here are some websites you may want to visit.


  • Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation:

    The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation awards yearly grants to playwrights who submit full-length plays, screenplays, musicals or operas. All works submitted must present the gay and lesbian lifestyle in a positive manner and be based on, or inspired by, a historic person, culture, event, or work of art. Writing contests close on November 30th of each year. Grants are $1,000 and are not limited to a single winner.


1) The Point Foundation:

The Point Foundation is the nation's largest scholarship-granting organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students of merit. The publicly-supported scholarship fund provides financial support, mentoring and hope to meritorious undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students who are marginalized because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Point’s rigorous selection process for its prestigious scholarships is competitive and requires demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, community involvement and financial need. Particular attention is paid to students who have lost the financial and social support of their families and/or communities as a result of revealing their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Past award amounts have ranged from $5,000 to $28,000 per year. Usually yearly deadline is March 1st. An online application form is available on The Point Foundation's web site. For more information, contact:


Please note that Point Foundation offers the following scholarships, but that there is only ONE application to be eligible for all of them. It is during the process of selecting new scholars that certain applicants are matched with relevant “Named” scholarships based on academics, interests, field of study, and financial need.

The Point Foundation

PO Box 11210

Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 1.866.33.POINT (1.866.337.6468)

Fax: 1.866.39.POINT (1.866.397.6468)


2) SOLGA Kenneth W. Payne Student Prize Competition

The Kenneth W. Payne Student Prize is presented each year by the Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists (SOLGA) to a graduate or undergraduate student in acknowledgement of outstanding anthropological work on 1) a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered topic, or 2) a critical interrogation of sexualities and genders more broadly defined. Papers are judged according to the following criteria: use of relevant L/G/B/T/Q and/or feminist anthropological theory and literature, potential for contribution to and advancement of queer studies and our understanding of sexualities worldwide, attention to difference (gender, class, race, ethnicity, nation), originality, organization and coherence, and timeliness. For more information: and click on Awards


3) Deaf Queer Youth Scholarship

The Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC) is a national nonprofit resource and information center for, by and about the Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex and Questioning communities (hereafter referred to as the "Deaf Queer community"). This is "the place" to find the most comprehensive and accurate information about this unique community. DQRC was founded by Deaf Queer / Trans activist Dragonsani ("Drago") Renteria and launched on the web on September 1, 1995. A multi-award winning website, DQRC averages more than 15,000 visits per month. DQRC is run entirely by volunteers. The Deaf Queer Resource Center sponsors a $500 scholarship for deaf lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer students who are out about their sexual orientation/identity. Candidates must be currently enrolled in high school or college, be under the age of 25, and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. US Citizenship is required. Deaf Queer youth of color are especially encouraged to apply. Selection is based on a written or video essay. The deadline is July 15.


4) Lee Dubin Scholarship Fund:
The Lee Dubin Scholarship is sponsored by COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) and the Family Pride Coalition (FPC). Four scholarships at $1,000  are awarded to children of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered parents and guardians who have worked to affect change in the LGBT community and the community at large. Must have a GPA of 2.0 or greater. The deadline is April 15. Contact: Chiah Connolly Ingram for more information or email


1550 Bryant Stree San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 415 861-5437, extn: 104   Fax: 415 255-8345 (fax)


5) Messenger-Anderson Journalism Scholarship and Internship Program

The Messenger-Anderson Journalism Scholarship and Internship Program offers several scholarships to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students pursuing a degree in journalism and communications at an accredited four-year college or university. High school seniors and current undergraduate students are eligible to apply. The award is sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF). Winners are required to participate in the Messenger-Anderson Scholarship Intern Program at NGLTF offices in Washington, DC, or New York City during the summer.

For more information, contact:

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

1325 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 600

Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202.393.5177 Fax: 202.393.2241 TTY: 202.393.2284


6) The LEAGUE at AT&T Foundation: Every student has the right and the potential to excel.

The LEAGUE Foundation provides financial resources for America's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender youth to attend institutions of higher learning to meet this mission. They award scholarships for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender high school seniors who have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and who are actively and substantially involved in community service. Scholarships include the Matthew Shepard Memorial Scholarship (name used with permission of the Shepard family), named for the Wyoming college student murdered in 1998 for his sexual orientation, and the LEAGUE at AT&T Foundation Scholarship. The application deadline is between January and April. Decisions are made in July. Currently the LEAGUE Foundation has 3 awards for consideration and each student application is automatically reviewed for each. Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the LEAGUE Foundation hotline at (703) 691-5734 or emailed to

You may also follow this address to gain more information about requirements:

The three awards are:


7) The National Women's Studies Association:

The National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) offers many scholarships that are related to women's studies and gender and sexuality studies. For unique opportunities contact NWSA and click on the "Awards & Prizes" tab on the left hand navigation bar. However, this site has a lot to offer, take time to explore. For students: this link will take students to direct scholarship information:


The three main scholarships are:

  • NWSA Graduate Scholarship Award ($1000) May 15th Deadline
  • Lesbian Caucus Scholarship ($500) May 15th Deadline
  • NWSA Women of Color Caucus Awards ($500) May 15th Deadline - There are 4 categories for this award.

National Women's Studies Association

7100 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 301

College Park, MD 20742

Phone: 301.403.0525

Fax: 301.403.4137


NWSA Graduate Scholarships in Lesbian Studies
This award provides financial assistance to graduate students doing Master's thesis or Ph.D. dissertation research in
lesbian studies. Students do not need to be enrolled in a women's studies program. Preference is given to candidates
who are National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) members. The scholarship amount is $500 per year. The
deadline is February 15 of each year.


For more information, contact:
Loretta Younger
National Women's Studies Association
7100 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 301
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 1-301-403-0525
Fax: 1-301-403-4137


8) Fund for Lesbian and Gay Scholarships (FLAGS):

This fund provides financial assistance to gay, lesbian and bisexual students involved in the community. The scholarship amount varies and depends on financial need. The deadline is mid-September for the current school year. The fund's Youth Project Scholarship Program also awards grants to tenth and eleventh graders who plan to pursue postsecondary education. The scholarship is awarded based on financial need, academic achievement and school or community involvement. The scholarship amount varies. The deadline is mid-January.

For more information about either of these programs or an application, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
The Scholarship Fund
PO Box 48320
Los Angeles, CA 90048-0320
Phone: 1-213-650-5752


9) Messenger-Anderson Journalism Scholarship and Internship Program
The Messenger-Anderson Journalism Scholarship and Internship Program offers several $10,000 scholarships ($5,000 for the first year and $2,500 for the second and third years) to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students pursuing a degree in journalism and communications at an accredited four-year college or university. High school seniors and current undergraduate students are eligible to apply. A GPA of 2.8 or better is required. The award is sponsored by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF). Winners are required to participate in the Messenger-Anderson Scholarship Intern Program at NGLTF offices in Washington, DC, or New York City during the summer. The deadline is in mid-February.

For more information, contact:
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
1325 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 1-202-393-5177
Fax: 1-202-393-2241
TTY: 1-202-393-2284


10) ROY SCRIVNER MEMORIAL RESEARCH GRANTS: American Psychological Foundation (APF) Mission and Funding

The APF provides financial support for innovative research and programs that enhance the power of psychology to elevate the human condition and advance human potential both now and in generations to come. It executes this mission through a broad range of scholarships and grants. For all of these, it encourages applications from individuals who represent diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation. The Roy Scrivner Research Grants program supports graduate student research on LGBT family psychotherapy, particularly research leading to dissertations. Its description, application requirements, and procedures appear below.


Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered (LGBT) people face many challenges in forming, defining, and maintaining families. This program seeks to encourage the study of LGBT family psychology and therapy through its support of promising young investigators whose graduate research is oriented toward issues in this general area. Preference is given to advanced students who have demonstrated their commitment to this area through their dissertation research plans. One grant of up to $12,000 is available per year.

Program Goals

- Encourage talented students to orient their careers toward engaging LGBT family issues through basic and/or applied research

- Advance the understanding of problems faced by LGBT families including those associated with cultural, racial, socioeconomic, and family structure diversity

- Advance the understanding of successful coping mechanisms including sources of support and resilience for family members

- Advance the understanding of clinical issues and interventions in the domain of LGBT

Eligibility Requirements

- Advanced graduate student, in good standing, endorsed by supervising professor

- Demonstrated commitment to LGBT family issues

- IRB approval must be received from host institution before funding can be awarded if human participants are involved

Evaluation Criteria

- Conformance with stated program goals

- Quality of proposed work, including research plan and expected outcome

- Applicant’s demonstrated scholarship and competence

- Appropriateness of proposed budget

Proposal Requirements

- Description of proposed project to include goal, proposed work’s relationship to program goals and existing literature, research plan, expected outcomes, impact

Format: not to exceed 7 pages (1 inch margins, no smaller than 11 point font)

- Timeline for execution

- Full budget and justification (indirect costs not permitted)

- CV

- Letter of recommendation from faculty advisor

Submission Process and Deadline:

Submit a completed application online at by November 1, 2011.


11) Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund (TSELF):

TSELF awards several scholarships for transgender-identified students in the helping and caring professions, including social services, health care, religious instruction, teaching, and law.


The International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE), awards numerous scholarships to transgender identified students in the helping and caring professions through it's collaborative Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund(TSELF) in the United States and Canada. Each scholarship provides supplemental funding for post-secondary students who have a demonstrated ability in and commitment to affecting change in the transgender communities through their commitment to working and being educated in the helping and caring professions. These include, but are not limited to, Social Services, Health Care, Religious Instruction (all denominations), Teaching and the Law. We seek to reflect a broad range of interests, including social services, HIV/AIDS education, law, teaching and education, religious instruction (all denominations), medical and health care as well as the sciences.


Guidelines: Academic scholarships are the primary component of TSELF's program. Each year, after a competitive application process, TSELF awards scholarships to outstanding transgender undergraduate and graduate full-time students. To qualify, applicants must: be full or part-time students at an accredited college, university or institution in the United States; be "out" as transgender to their academic communities, demonstrate a commitment or contribution to the transgender communities; and follow the application guidelines below. Consideration will include academic performance; honors; personal/financial hardship; and, especially, service to the transgender communities.

Deadline: Awards will processed and announced yearly. Applications for the Awards must be postmarked by January 10th. Scholarship awards will be made at the next IFGE convention ( Supporting materials should arrive within one week of the January 10th deadline. Applicants will be notified of their award status following the I.F.G.E. convention. TSELF may consider late applicants under special circumstances.

Background and other useful information is available at The awards are sponsored by the International Foundation for Gender Education.


For more information, contact:

International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE)

TSELF Awards Committee

PO Box 540229

Waltham, MA 02454-0229

Phone: 781.899.2212 Fax: 781.899.2212

12) Queer Foundation: are out, proud, and activist, have a social conscience, will fight discrimination against queers, are committed to social change, believe in organization, are of good will.

Queer Foundation Scholarship Fund:


The Queer Foundation Scholarship Fund promotes effective writing by, about, and/or for queer youth. The Queer Foundation offers to the winners of each year's essay contest $1,000 scholarships to the U.S. college or university of their choice to study queer theory or related fields. Scholarships enable LGBTQA youth, by means of their studies and effective writing, to contribute to building a stable future for queer youth through business/community involvement and self-directed improvement. Queer Scholars receive mentoring, academic advising, and tutoring to enable them to succeed in their studies. In return they are required to (a) maintain a suitable grade point average as determined by the college, (b) practice self care, and (c) give back to the community through doing community service, authoring queer studies papers, and/or mentoring high school or other college students.  For more information contact:


13) PFLAG National GLBT Scholarship Program:

The PFLAG National GLBT Scholarship Program was established by Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) in 2003 to help support the education of GLBT youth and allies. It includes five awards, one of which is the Eseara Tuaolo Student-Athlete Scholarship established in honor of former NFL defensive tackle Esera Tuaolo. The program was funded by the estate of Palmer B. Carson. PFLAG National scholarships available for 2012: $5,000 scholarships, $2,500 scholarships, $1,000 scholarships! Applicatants may recieve scholarships from both Local and National Chapters of the PFLAG Organization.


  • You are a graduating senior entering higher education for the first time in 2012 (if you graduated in 2011 and took a year off you are still eligible to apply).
  • You self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) or as a straight ally
  • You demonstrate an interest in service to the LGBT community.
  • You have applied to an accredited higher education institution.
  • You are a U.S. citizen.
14) APA Division 44 :

Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexaul and Transgender Issues

There are many opportunities available through this organization. Two are included below.


Malyon-Smith Scholarship Award:
The American Psychological Association's Division 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian and Gay Issues) offers this award to support graduate student research into psychological issues relevant to gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals, groups or communities. The Malyon-Smith Scholarship is named for two founding past-presidents of the Division, the late Alan Malyon and the late Adrienne Smith. It is a fund that annually awards up to $1000 to selected graduate students in psychology to advance research in the psychology of sexual orientation and gender identity.


The award represents one of the Division's major efforts to mentor and support science in LGBT psychology by encouraging the work of young researchers. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to inform students of this award so that we can continue to insure the future of LGBT research in psychology. Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time in a Department of Psychology at the graduate level. Applications from students in allied disciplines, such as social work and sociology, cannot be considered at this time. The scholarship amount is up to $1,000. The deadline is February 1, with applications available after November 1.


Bisexual Foundation Scholarship Award:

The Bisexual Foundation Scholarship is an annual fund awarding up to $1000 per award to selected graduate students to advance research on the psychology of bisexuality. This new award recognizes the growing importance of research on bisexuality to the field of LGBT issues in psychology and offers concrete support and encouragement to emerging scholars in this field. Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time in a Department of Psychology at the graduate level.

15)EL CINCO DE MAYO, INC. NEW website:
Revised: January 11, 2012
Illegible or incomplete information will disqualify your application.
1. Requirements to qualify for the El Cinco de Mayo, Inc. Scholarship
a. Must fall within the definition of “underserved” (someone who does not have the financial resources and/or has inadequate support, guidance, assistance and/or would be the first in their family to attend/graduate from college; and/or who is facing adversity in life due to their socio-economic situation).
b. Must Plan to (or currently) attend a higher education institution in El Paso County
And/or - be a Resident of El Paso County in Colorado
c. Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better
d. Be an Undergraduate or Graduate Student
e. If selected as a finalist, Must be available to participate in personal interview (date to be announced)
f. If selected as a recipient, Must provide short biography and photo
g. If selected as a recipient, Must provide update on academic year’s progress
h. If selected as a recipient, Must volunteer with El Cinco de Mayo Inc for a minimum of 10 hours for the academic year they are selected.

2. Applications must be submitted by mail
Submit 4 copies and the ORIGINAL for each of the following (total of 5):
a. Scholarship Application
b. Personal Essay. Please include background information/future goals & aspirations (must be typed and doubled spaced 12 pt font – ½” margins and limit to one page)
c. 1 page Personal Resume (should include school activities, community service, sports activities, and employment, if applicable (most current only)
d. 2 Letters of Recommendation
e. 1 (one) official transcript (no copies needed)
f. Must be postmarked no later than midnight on March 1, 2012

3. Mail to:
El Cinco de Mayo, Inc.
ATTN: Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 17373
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-7373
For Questions please contact us at

16) Please visit this link for the application and more information:

PHEF Scholarship Information

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